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Storage Services (3)


Install Storage Services

In the previous lesson , we have created Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server 2012 R2 . Now, we should be able to Install File and Storage Services.
Open "Server Manager", then click on "File and Storage Services".
Now, from new options, click on iSCSI”. Then click on a hyperlink in the middle of the form which says: "To install iSCSI Target Server, start the Add Roles and Features Wizard."
Review Roles and click on Next.

Create an iSCSI Virtual Disk for Windows ClusterAfter installation, that hyperlink text will change. Click on it which now says that “To create an iSCSI virtual disk, start the “New iSCSI Disk Wizard.”

Fill Name with “Virtual Disk ” and click on Next.
Give 5 GB and select “Fixed size” which is faster than other options.

Fill Name with "Virtual-1" and click on Next.
Now, we have to add the servers that we will add later. So, we can add them by their future IPs that will be "" and ""

Congratulation , we have Install File and Storage Services successfully
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