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Item Setup-2


Supply Chain - Oracle Inventory
Item Setup and Control in oracle apps r12

Master Item 

Oracle Item Master allows you to define and control items that you stock in inventory. 

MAIN – Set item attributes Primary unit of measure (UOM),Item Type, Item status, long description
INVENTORY – Inventory Item, stockable, transactable, reservable, revision control, cycle count, Lot control, serial control, shelf life.

To assign the item  to member Organizations go to => Tools   => Organization Assignments. 
Or just click on Organization Assignments as in picture then Check the Assigned check box and save the changes.

A revision is particular version of an Item, Bill of Materials, or Routing.
Use the version control to track item quantities by item revision and specify a revision for each material transaction.

Defining Item Relationships

You can define relationships between items. This allows you to search for items through these relationships.
Except in Oracle Purchasing, these relationships are for inquiry , reporting or dispense transaction .
  • Choose new to define a new relationship.
You can also enter search criteria and choose Find to display existing item relationships.
  • Enter an item that represents the From part of the relationship.
  • Enter an item that represents the From part of the relationship.
  • Enter an item that represents the To part of the relationship.
  • Select the Type of relationship between the items.
    • Related: The items are related in a non-specific way.
    • Substitute: One item is a substitute for another.
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