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SAP- Lesson 5


Parameter fields 

To prompt the user of a report to enter information, create a parameter field. Think of a parameter as a question that the user needs to answer before the report is generated. The information users enter, or the way they respond, determines what appears in the report.

Creating a parameter field

Use the following steps to create a parameter that enables the user to specify a list of patient nationality.This procedure is made up of two sets of steps. The first is creating the parameter, and the second is using the Select Expert to incorporate the parameter.

To create a parameter field

1.Check to make sure your report is open in the Design tab.
2.On the View menu, click Field Explorer.
Note: Another way to do this is to click the Field Explorer button on the Standard Toolbar.The Field Explorer dialog box appears.
3.Select Parameter Fields and click New.
4.Enter a name for the parameter in the Name field,Enter the desired prompting text in the Prompting text field.
5.Select the appropriate Value type from the list,in this example uses String.
Note: When creating a parameter whose Value type is either Date or DateTime, you can change the date format to suit your needs.
6.Click Set default values .
Note: Chooseing default Values is optional,in this example their is a Default Values "patient nationality".
7.The Set Default Values dialog box appears.make sure the Browse table is set to patient table.
8.From the Browse field drop-down list, select nationality.Click >> to move all of the countries to the Default Values area.
Note: This example will enable the user to choose from any of the nationalities. If you want to limit the selection, move only the nationalities you would like the user to choose from.
9.Click OK.
10.Drag and drop the Country parameter into your report.

To incorporate the parameter into the selection

1.On the Report menu, click Select Expert.
2.Select nationality from the patient table, then click OK.
3.Choose the parameter from the adjacent drop-down list,in this example uses {?nationality}.
4.Click OK.
5.Click the Preview tab,The Enter Parameter Values dialog box appears.Select the country to base the report on.
6.Click OK.
Note: The Change in Record Selection Formula dialog box appears.Click Refresh Data.
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