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Integration Services Catalog

Integration Services Catalog  is used for monitoring and managing SSIS projects. The Catalog will store all the integration services objects and will automatically log all the package execution activities when the SSIS project is using the new Project Deployment Model.

In order to use the new Project Deployment Model, you need to create the Integration Services Catalog for the first time. Otherwise you will get the following error message as:
An Integration Services catalog (SSISDB) was not found on this server instance ("LocalHost").To deploy a project to this server, you must create the SSISDB catalog. Open the Create Catalog dialog box from the Integration Services node.

Steps to Create the Catalog:

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio
  • Right click on the Integration Services node
  • Click on the Create Catalog…..

The catalog name is SSISDB. Enter the password for encryption then hit the OK button.

The new SSISDB will be created and show in two places:

  • Database node
  • Integration Services node
You may view or adjust the catalog properties using the property window or Catalog.Configure_Catalog stored procedure.

Monitor the Execution Activities

After deploy a SSIS project, the data will be collected by the SSISDB. The build in Integration Service Dashboard could be used to monitor all the activities that executed by the SSIS packages for that project.
Right Click on the SSISDB node to open the Reports->Standard Reports->Integration Services Dashboard.

Dashboard Summary Report opened.
There are hyperlinks on the overview report to navigate to more detail information.
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