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Jira over view

JIRA is a project management tool owned by Atlassian. JIRA is a great tool for managing projects and teams, specifically for agile project management.

Jira let you prioritize ,assign ,report and audit within the platform. You can choose from different premade workflows or you can create your own to fit your project & Co. needs.

Jira is great for keeping projects on time, improve productivity and giving a new overview of where are within the workflow.

Setting up New Project

First you have to Jira account and log in for the first time, you'll have to answer a few questions about your role, your team, and how you plan to use Jira. After answering those questions, you're taken into the workflow to create your first project.

Step one : Just click "Create Project" it's that easy.😎

Step Two :Choose a work flow template : There are 3 main templates you can choose from based on your own project management style.

Scrum template is ideal for teams that operate using Agile and Scrum methodologies, Using backlog plan & estimate their work sprint & deliver work in regular scheduler.
Kanban template is ideal for teams that operate using Agile teams that monitor work in continuous flow (rather than sprint)
Kanban vs Scrum: Kanban is a project management framework that relies on visual tasks to manage workflows, while scrum is a project management framework that helps teams structure and manage their work through a set of values, principles, and practices.
Bug tracking template lets teams easily record and track bugs and assign them to the right team members at the right time.

If you choose either Scrum or Kanban .you will prompted to choose project type type.

Team-managed projects

Set up and maintained by anyone on the team, team-managed projects are ideal for autonomous teams who want to control their own working processes and practices in a self-contained space. Team-managed projects have simpler project configuration and give project admins more control over set up without involving a Jira admin.

Company-managed projects

Set up and maintained by Jira admins, company-managed projects are the best choice for teams who want to work with other teams across many projects in a standard way, such as sharing a workflow. Company-managed projects require a Jira admin to configure screens and schemes that projects are based on. Hence, company-managed projects have greater complexity in project configuration, but also the ability to standardize workflows across projects that team-managed projects don’t have. When a Jira admin changes a scheme or screen, every company-managed project that uses that configuration changes accordingly. 

In this demo : we will choose Kanban Team-managed project 

Finally, give your new project a name, and click Create to create your project.
Step Three :Welcome on boards. Are you ready ?

Step Four :Creating an Issue 
An Issue can represent a Story, Epic, Bug or any other task in you project.
You can just name your issue to be added or click " Mange issue type" to customize your issue or even change its type to an Epic for example.

Step Five : Invite your team
Navigate to your board. At the top of the screen select add people. piece of cake😎 

That's it for now.






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