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Inventory Setup-1


Supply Chain - Oracle Inventory

Inventory Setup in oracle apps r12

We will First create the Inventory Org Location.
Inventory ==> Setup ==> Organizations ==> Locations
Name should unique in both Global or local
In Shipping Details if you identify if you can ship to this location, send Bill, ...etc.
After Creating Inventory Location , we need to create the Inventory Calendar 
The 4-4-5 accounting cycle means that in each quarter, the first financial period consists of the first four weeks, the second period consists of the next four weeks, and the third period consists if the next five weeks.
The grouping of 13 weeks may also be set up as 4-4-5 weeks or 5-4-4 suitable if you are planning to use (MRP).

Material requirements planning (MRP) is a computer-based inventory management system designed to improve productivity for businesses.

When this type of calendar is in use, reports with month-by-month comparisons or trends are flawed as one month is 25% longer than the other two. It could still compare a period to the same period in the prior year, or use week by week data comparisons.

You need to tools and click Build to create your Calendar

Now we will create the Inventory Organization and assign the Inventory Location and Inventory Calendar
First create the Master Org as below
Next step will be creating  the Inventory Organization.
When we do click on Others Button , You will need to provide the additional information for 'Accounting Information ' , 'Inventory Information' , 'Receiving Information'.
In Accounting Information , We need to Provide the Ledger Name , Legal Entity  and the Operating Unit under which we want to create the Inventory Org.
Now you will define the Inventory Information.
In Inventory Information , we will provide the Unique the Organization code and attach the Inventory Calendar.
Under Costing Information Tab , We will define the Costing & Accounting Information.
The last step is the Receiving Information for Inventory Organization.
Receiving Options

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