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Project Planning 

 What is project planning? 

Project planning is a discipline addressing how to complete a project in a certain timeframe, usually with defined stages and designated resources. One view of project planning divides the activity into these steps:
  • setting measurable objectives
  • identifying deliverables
  • scheduling
  • planning tasks
Without a project plan, team members don’t have a high-level view of how and when everything will get done.
Jira offers the ability to sketch out a project plan for a time-based project, or a roadmap for ongoing, iterative projects using Atlassian’s Jira software.

Take control of how you get from idea to done

Setting up New Project Plan

First you have to Jira account and log in for the first time, you'll have to answer a few questions about your role, your team, and how you plan to use Jira. After answering those questions, you're taken into the workflow to create your first project.

Step one : Just click "Create Project" it's that easy.😎
Step Two :Choose a work flow template : There are 3 main templates you can choose from based on your own project management style. In this demo we will go for the Blank Project 

Step Three : Just give a name for your project Plane & click Create Project

Welcome on boards. Are you ready ?

Step Four : List
Create the list of tasks you need to achieve.
Add an item to start managing and tracking your work
You can assignee resources for each task while you are creating your tasks or you can do it later  
Step Five : Calendar
Select a date on the calendar to add an item. That will be the due date for that item.
Drag each item onto the calendar to set a due date for your work.
Step Six: Timeline
Plan and allocate work by mapping out tasks that need to be done.
Customize each task :
1.You can adding sub tasks
2.The time needed for each task by dragging it the time line.
For more details just click on the time line of each task.
Step Seven: Forms
Collect information and capture work from other teams or stakeholders in your organization. 
Create different types of forms to receive different types of work from your stakeholders.
Monitoring tool : Issues
You can assignee resources for each task , mange its Priority ,etc.. or Just monitor based on its states, resolution, priority, etc...

Reporting tool : Reports
Condenses data allowing you to get a snapshot of your entire business functions
Access a high-level overview of your project's performance. You’ll get a snapshot summary of your project lead, key, project’s status, priorities, workload distribution across team members, and other projects you frequently work on. 
Helps teams plan, visualize, and manage their work. 

That's it for now.

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