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In the Beginning (1)


In the Beginning

In this series, I will demonstrate how to install a SQL Server 2012 clustered instance in a cluster of two nodes. In general, the installation will be done in two parts:
New instance installation in one of the nodes.Add the other node to the existing clustered instance.

For a cluster with more than two nodes, we would need to perform the first step in one of the nodes, and repeat the second step on all other nodes.

What is a clustered instance?

Basically, a clustered instance is a SQL Server instance installed over a Windows Failover Cluster (WFC) service. The main purpose of a WFC solution is protect our systems from hardware failures.

In a scenario of a cluster with two nodes, we are talking about two servers, with similar hardware configuration, connected by a Failover Cluster service. Having one SQL Server instance installed over this solution,this instance is called clustered instance.

That clustered instance must be active in only one of the available nodes, and this means that the other nodes will be in IDLE mode, with no active functions. Another important point is that the WFC accepts shared storage, which means that we need a SAN to store the database files (logs and data). 


  1. VMware Workstation 12
  2. Windows Server 2012
  3. SQL Server 2012
In this series we will create three virtual machines
  1. Domain Controller (DC)
  2. Node 1 (SQL1)
  3. Node 2 (SQL2)
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