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Alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

Five alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is one of the most widely used email clients in the business world. But with more smaller-sized companies starting to migrate to other, cheaper, solutions a lot of users are finding email clients that handle the tasks, without the headaches (and cost) that often accompany Outlook.

Email clients offer a variety of features; some features map perfectly to Outlook, some may not. Some email clients offer calendars, some stick with just the basics. In the end, what's important is that you find a client not only offers you what you need, but does so reliably and within your budget. I've found five solid email clients to help you migrate away from Outlook. Give these a look and see which one(s) might work.
Thunderbird like Firefox, has become increasingly popular. What once started as a small project is now a free email client recognized world-wide as one of the best email clients for Windows 7 – or any other operating system.Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure and very functional email client and RSS feed reader. It lets you handle mail efficiently and with style.You can use Thunderbird with Gmail, and any other POP3, SMTP, IMAP. Thunderbird also supports email accounts provided by Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Comes with tabbed interface to open multiple emails together.
  • Provides good security for your emails.
  • Advanced mail filters.
  • Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Opera The Opera email client is a slick and flexible interface that will satisfy almost all your email needs, and Opera integrates RSS feeds in this experience as well. Some may find the message editor lacking a bit in power, and the absence of support for encrypted email is unfortunate.supports POP3 and IMAP, newsgroups as well as Atom and RSS feeds.

Postbox Express It's based on Thunderbird code, so looks very similar. It can now use some of the same extensions, such as Lightning or Enigmail. And migration is hassle-free, because the setup process will detect your Thunderbird installation and offer to import its accounts, settings and emails.

Pegasus Mail This is one of the oldest email clients. It is very feature rich, and still easy to use. One of the best part of Pegasus Mail client is that it works very well in LAN settings, and has special support for Novell NetWare LANs that allow it to operate intuitively and with almost no maintenance.
  • Supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP, PH.
  • Very secure – comes with advanced protection.
  • Very good spam protection.
  • Small in size, and uses very less system resources.
DreamMail is an email client that can deal with POP, IMAP and Web Mail accounts. Its user Interface bares a resemblance to Outlook.The main features are:
  • import from Outlook Express and Foxmail
  • customizable templates
  • remote mailbox management
  • create a separate email storage
  • supports multiple accounts
  • Supports POP3, APOP, SMTP, eSMTP, SASL.
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