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During the Korean War, signed by American soldiers in captivity... After long negotiations were released and returned to their country.

Note that their leaders have a major change has happened to them .. And is that they are chanting slogans hostile to America and its policies .. It seemed that they had changed their beliefs in captivity in some way to that back then this expression: brainwashing.

Started questioning them to know how it was this... And found a way became subjects of interest in social psychology today.

They are - simply - put them to the information they want to Convince them with it in different ways... As if asking them to write a handwritten anti-American publications and information required to sing them day and night through the speakers or hear from the people around them... It was simply put is this information in the environment around them all the time, so get used to hear and become familiar to them. 

Rights affected by the environment surrounding it, is also affected by the opinion of people who are around him as a famous study confirms... In this experiment, the scientists brought the volunteers, and put him among a group of people in a room and ask them to solve a set of questions and visual contests that appear on the screen in front of them.

Everyone in the room were representatives of the participants in the experiment, except for one person... The purpose of this note is what he would do, while insisting the rest of the people in the room to answer the wrong?

Do you choose the correct answer obvious? Or selection chosen by all the people in the room?

They found that most people tend to choose the view favored by the people around them... Especially if it is required to declare this choice to avoid the social embarrassment.

Does this mean that we agree with those around us, just for social hypocrisy to accept the request of others?

A study denies this .. And confirm that the effect of us can change our memories!

Experience of the boy with the hat!

Scientists brought a group of people and offered them a video of various clips .. and then asked them questions to test their memory. For example: Was the boy wearing a hat in the film?

The boy was wearing a large hat already .. So most of the participants answered in the affirmative.

After that, they offered different answers they were told that it answers the rest of the participants in the experiment ... And answers were wrong, but insistently repeated them … and that boy in the film was not wearing a hat!

And then left them all to the event on his way ... to return to complete the experience days later.

And when they returned after a full week, asked them again about the details of the film: Was the boy wearing a hat?

And they answer while they are lying in an MRI scanner that records what is happening in their brains and they remember ... and found something very interesting ..

They really have become convinced in the depths of their souls, that the child was not wearing a hat!

That is what happened has changed from the same memories!

The influence of others

Why our minds are designed this way?

Why those who are affected in this way around?

Psychologists say evolutionary that the objects of social thinking in this way to keep the members of the herd .. When found the individual the rest of the individuals conducting suddenly, will be with them automatically as they are fleeing from being a predator, and will not wait to know the reason motivated by a sudden and will not ask himself whether Logically or not!

This automatic reaction is not far from humans as we have seen in previous experiments and many others ... Man is a social object applies to it applies to the rest of the objects of social ...


And this idea is used by means of propaganda and media Propaganda in all countries of the world ... echoed the idea that you want to be convinced by the people even if the public is empty of content .. He repeated, and even reached the stage of expression toddler .. This stage means convinced as many people and become the norm in society.

Would embarrass some of the people of the statement is correct what they see for fear of lack of social acceptance, but after some time they will convinced by it.

And this is what some groups through social networking on the Internet .. You routinely publish their ideas by showing support for the largest number of people to them .. So People remain silent for fear of social rejection and filled their pages with curses and questioned their patriotism or their religion .. And then convinced some of these ideas already and start promoting it themselves!

In a recent study (Weaver et al 2007) concluded to the conclusion that the repetition of the idea of ​​more than one person, more convincing to the people of a repeat of the idea of ​​one person .. It is the social impact once again .. The largest number means a greater impact!

Be yourself

This means that human speech is not free his mind just as some might think .. Man I'm influenced by its environment, including people think about it and posed the society that they live in varying degrees .. Found no human being has the full neutrality and absolute impartiality in his thinking, all of us when life influenced and shaped by his experience of humanity and those around him, whether positively or negatively.

It is useful to hear the views of others in what may be useful .. but this is not the only measure to search for the truth.

If we want to share our experiences and ideas and enrich the intellectual debates in society, we should encourage difference and diverse ideas put forward so that people get used to pluralism …

Should say your opinion is right that you see from your point of view, in the manner they deem appropriate, so as not to adhere to the culture of the herd ... And so as not to leave the arena to those who promote only their thinking without thought to ask different people hear ..

Simply :

Be yourself and if you hate those who do not want this!


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